The Precision Rifle Series was created to organize a championship style point series race of the best precision rifle competitions and shooters in the nation. Scores are formulated and recorded to track the status, profile and ranking of shooters bringing more exposure to shooters and the sport alike in an effort to grow the popularity of rifle competitions and sport throughout the nation.

PRS had a successful inaugural 2012 season taking in 164 members that participated in the series events. The PRS was able to payback over $20,000 dollars to the Series Finale event to award the top shooters that made it to first ever match you had to qualify to shoot in.

In 2013, the PRS continued growing it’s base of pro and semi-pro registered shooters while also reaching out to the entire shooting community, starting a club level approach competition series that encourages clubs to recruit members and hold monthly matches in an organized fashion with the goal of shooting along side other clubs in a first ever Club Championship that awarded over $5000 to the winning clubs. Additionally, paying out over $20,000 in monies to Series points winners and Championship Match winners

In  2014, the PRS continued it’s expansion by expanding it’s host matches from coast to coast creating more available matches to more shooters who would like to take the next step from just shooting at the range or in the pasture to getting involved in the great sport and friends the PRS has to offer. The 2014 season collected 287 members  who joined in the PRS points race. A first year effort to reach out to Long Range Hunters forming it’s own division and awarding the top shooter $5000.00 in cash from  Title Sponsor RBros Rifles. The Pro Series which was Sponsored by JP Rifles had it’s most competitive field of shooters to date and paid $5000 to the PRS Match Winner. Bushnell Optics became a Title Sponsor and contributed $10,000 the Championship event

Now for 2016, with over 400 members competing in the Series, continuing the original points race concept, but also moving to a PRS classification system, so that shooters can earn a true classification of skill set based on their two best matches. The PRS also introduced the Regional Qualifier match concept that creates an avenue to propel shooters that cannot compete on a national stage, an opportunity to qualify for the coveted PRS Championship. With healthy support from website sponsors and membership the PRS is on track to develop an unrivaled competition series that attracts shooters, sponsor and fans of the sport.

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