Three Solid Tips for New Shooters by: Jake Vibbert

Three Solid Tips for New Shooters by: Jake Vibbert

Top Precision Rifle Shooter Jake Vibbert Has Three Solid Tips for New Shooters

Recognized as placing in the top percentage at precision rifle matches, it’s no question that Jake Vibbert is one of the most highly skilled competitive rifle shooters of our time. We can imagine the extensive amount of knowledge an athlete of this caliber has.

In these shooting sports, putting in the time to practice can improve a shooter’s ability to compete well. With the growing amount of local club matches, and long range/precision rifle courses out there, people can continue to practice fundamentals, marksmanship, and build on it. In addition, there are skilled shooters like Vibbert who can pass on valuable knowledge.

So, we asked him to provide three straight forward tips for new shooters.

Tip #1 Get a Shooting Mentor

This mentor can be a buddy, or whoever you would like. Much like an exercise partner, your shooting mentor can guide you and keep you motivated. Try to shoot together, push each other to get better, train with each other, and have fun together. That’s what it’s all about!

Tip #2 Get the Right Gear

This is important. After you have money saved up, buy the items that you want the first go-around. When you have all the gear you need, you can actually use it to get better, rather than buying and selling gear when you want to change something. 

Tip #3 Focus on Having Fun

I love to shoot, and every time while I’m shooting, I’m having a blast! Keep challenging yourself to do better, because doing better is fun. Keep at it, focus, and pay attention to things that you may need to work on. Work on those things, and the next time you are shooting you will be doing better – thus having a great time. 

by Jake Vibbert

Jake Vibbert is an avid, precision rifle competitive shooter from Washington State sponsored by American Precision Arms, Benchmark Barrels, Butch’s Reloading, Contingency X, Defiance Machine, JC Steel Targets, Longrifles, Inc, Nosler, U.S. Optics, XLR Industries, and 6.5 Guys. Owner of JC Steel Targets Inc., an industry leader in quality AR500 Steel Targets and target hanging methods, he heavily supports the competitive shooting industry where he can. He loves to spend time with family, shoot, hunt, and enjoys a round of golf.


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