McMillan’s Mc3 McCubed Stocks set to be released in April 2017

McMillan’s Mc3 McCubed Stocks set to be released in April 2017

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has always been a leading innovator in the industry of custom rifle stocks and accessories. Since 1973, McMillan has grown into one of the most well-known and respected brands, developing the stock for the first true tactical rifle adopted by the Marines. Today McMillan Fiberglass Stocks now provides a wide range of stock patterns, colors, and finishes for Tactical, Competition, and Hunting.

This year at McMillan’s Product Line Launch at SHOT Show 2017, McMillan introduced their new line of high-performance rifle stocks known as McCubed. This new line of stocks is designed and manufactured to be “Exponentially Better” than previous stocks, delivering a more custom feel in a cost-conscious package targeted more towards entry-level shooters. A major difference the McCubed stocks will have from previous McMillan stocks will be the materials it is made out of- switching to injection molded polymer instead of fiberglass or graphite cloth. More details on the McCubed line is yet to be announced by McMillan, but images of a Tactical A-5 and Hunting Game Scout design are out. The stocks are set to be priced at $215 and will be available around April 2017.

Mc3 Tactical Stock

Mc3 Hunting Stock

Considering the price and new materials used to create the McCubed Line, these stocks can be highly beneficial for either new shooters looking for something durable without spending too much, or experienced shooters looking for something to practice with.


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