Marcus Blanchard



Precision Rifle Series

I currently shoot for Kelbly’s Rifles, live in Utah, and am the owner of Sidewinder Industries. Long-range rifle shooting has always peaked my interest, and upon exiting the Marine Corps in 2013, I could really devote more time to it when I started in the PRS. It’s been a great experience with awesome people! My favorite part about competing is showing up to new and unfamiliar ranges, facing the obstacles presented, and being able to do it with the friends I’ve made all over the country. I’m always trying out new ways to build a position, or make it better. I think a huge factor in the growth of the sport is due to the fact that nothing is set in stone, not the gear used, courses of fire, or ranges. There are no standardized positions that the shooter is forced into for the entire course of fire, creativity drives this sport forward!


Rifle: Kelbly’s Kodiak Action in a McMillian A5 stock

Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor

Optics: Vortex 4.5 x 27 Razor Gen II with EBR-2C reticle

Muzzle Device: Kelbly’s muzzle break / Delta P Brevis II Ultra HV 6.5mm

Accessories: Harris Bipod, TAB Pinnacle Rifle Sling, AICS/Accurate/Alpha Magazines


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