Jake Vibbert



Jake Vibbert from Washginton State. Owner of JC Steel Targets Inc.
Husband and father of 2 beautiful girls 9 and 6 years old. Loves to spend time with family, shoot, hunt, and enjoys a round of golf.
Have been competing in the precision rifle world for 3 years. Earning top 3 finishes at the precision rifle series championship. And overall champion of the Snipershide cup, Silencerco quiet riot, and Arizona PRS.


Caliber: 6mm xc

Action: Defiance

Stock: XLR chassis

Trigger: Jewell

Optics: Us optics 5-25

Reticle: Gen 2 xr


Ammo: Reloads

Muzzle Device: Apa

Spotting Scope: Luppy

Rangefinder: Leica geovids

Accessories: Sage flats ammo holders


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