Ian Kelbly



I started shooting Long Range Steel Matches at 17 years old, while I was competing in National level F-Class Matches. I started shooting in the Short Range BR Discipline at 10 years old. I am a third generation rifle builder. I love shooting any discipline as nothing is better than burning up powder! I really enjoy the PRS series as it is very challenging and seeing the sport grow as it has, is truly impressive! Kelbly’s will be a continued sponsor of the PRS series, and I hope to see everyone on the range!


Rifle: Kelbly Stolle Kodiak
Caliber: 6.5×55 GWI
Optics: Vortex  Razor Gen II HD 4.5-27X56MM
Muzzle Device: Delta P Designs Brevis II Ultra HV 6.5mm
Accessories: Sidewinder D.O.P.E System, Wiebad Bags, TAB Sling, SAP 2-Rounder and Bags



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