Gregory Piet

Gregory Piet


I got involved in shooting about 5 years ago with a Glock 17. Shortly thereafter I picked up a police surplus Ar15, and after that my interest kept gravitating towards the long gun, better optics, and longer distance. I started shooting long range recreationally in 2014 in the Nevada desert thinking shooting a mile would be the end all be all. After the second time out with a 338 Lapua I picked up hitting at a mile was checked off the bucket list and I needed something more than laying on my belly and hoping everything averaged out with the wind calls at a mile. I then started shooting PRS style events in 2015 with Sin City Precision at their local events. In 2016 I jumped in with both feet and I just started competing in the PRS tactical division in 2016 with my old trusty Remington 700 in 308 and its factory 20″ barrel. I am currently in the process of changing caliber and equipment that better suits the sport, and I hope to have something that allows me to better gauge my progress against the great people at Sin City Precision who have been helping me along as I learn the sport.


Caliber: 308/6.5 Creedmoor

Action: Rem 700/Ruger


Trigger: Timney 510

Optics: Bushnell XRS

Reticle: G2

Bipod: Atlas/Harris

Ammo: Sierra Match king / Hornaday ELD

Muzzle Device: Thunder beast 30p-1

Spotting Scope: Leupold 12-40 Gold Ring

Rangefinder: Sig Kilo 2000

Accessories: SAP sling, LaRue Rings, WieBad pillow, Primos Sticks


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