Brant Paulick

Brant Paulick


My name is Brant Paulick. I grew up in the outdoors hunting and shooting. Living out west, seeing a need for longer shots was obvious. I started learning how to shoot long range and got into the competitive side of shooting. I have been shooting long range for quite a while now but this is my first year in the PRS. I recently shot the TBRC for my first match and am completely hooked.


Caliber: 6.5Creedmoor

Action: Stiller

Barrel: Shilen

Stock: Manners T5

Trigger: Timney

Optics: Vortex

Reticle: EBR-1 MRAD

Bipod: Atlas

Ammo: Handloads

Muzzle Device: Badger Ordnance or Silencerco Harvester

Spotting Scope: Vortex Razor

Rangefinder: Bushnell Elite 1500

Accessories: Tab, FTW, SAP


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