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Contingency X Announces Media Agreement with Competition Dynamics

Contingency X Announces Media Agreement with Competition Dynamics

Contingency X Announces 2016 Media Agreement with Competition Dynamics

Marketing & Media Firm Contingency X announces an agreement with Competition Dynamics to provide media coverage for all of the 2016 competitions

Santa Ana, California – Contingency X has announced today its plans to provide media coverage for the 2016 Competition Dynamics Season, which currently has 5 different competitions, scheduled. Competition Dynamics has linked up with the media firm to utilize its creative services in an effort to show authenticity and gain further recognition for the brand.

As the competitive shooting industries continue to evolve Competition Dynamics has put together an impressive series of competitions incorporating pistol, shotgun, carbine, and long-range skills in a single and two-man team scenario. Unlike many other competitions out there the Competition Dynamics formula offers unique challenges in difficult terrains throughout the New Mexico, and Wyoming; where competitors are not only challenged on their marksmanship but also their physical abilities to navigate and complete the course.

“The decision to work with Contingency X was a simple one for us. They are known for producing great content and after working with them for one of our events last year it made complete sense to bring them on board this year. The value of having our competitions filmed and distributed for everyone to see not only helps us grow our brand, but it also helps gain additional exposure for our sponsors and most importantly the competitions. “ stated Zak Smith of Competition Dynamics.

Contingency X aims to provide the audience with engaging content showing the dynamic and authentic challenges these matches has to offer. “There are many great competitions out there, however few of them offer them as multi-gun adventures – a combination of challenges both mentally and physically, while trying to engage various, and non-standard target sizes at unknown distances. Our team at Contingency X is truly excited to be able to document these competitions and look forward to supporting the growth of this series,” stated Travis Ishida Founder of Contingency X.

The 2016 series of competitions promises to be some of the most unique events to date. With the addition of the U.S. Optics Team Challenge and Resurgence, audiences who are not able to attend these matches still want to see the action! Contingency X will produce and distribute media from each of the Competition Dynamics events, which will be distributed online through “With the explosion of growth in the shooting sports markets people are looking for more ways to stay connected to what is happening at these matches. While some of the major leagues like 3GN have great media coverage we wanted to show the world other shooting sports and competitions. Competition Dynamics is by far one of the most diverse and challenging series of competitions out there which should make it very entertaining to watch.” Stated Travis Ishida president of Contingency X.


Competition Dynamics runs world-class, cutting-edge competitive practical shooting events with an unmatched level of professionalism and operational excellence. Its staff runs more competitors through practical field shooting events with more stages than others. With extensive experience in practical field shooting in military, law enforcement, and civil applications, the team has a proven track record of running challenging, safe, and fair 3-Gun, multi-gun, and long-range matches. Competition Dynamics brings new practical and field competition concepts to reality. It has been involved in administering many of the most influential field matches of the last decade and have redefined what field challenges can be applied to a competition format. For more information, visit


Contingency X provides marketing and media services to the firearms and outdoor industries. With over 20 years of experience, Contingency X strives to provide excellent marketing and media tactics for its growing list of distinguished clients. For more information, visit



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